Saturday, April 10, 2010

Six Things Saturday

We didn't get around to posting Five things Friday so instead we are posting Six things this Saturday.

1. We went to the cardiologist this past Wednesday and we brought up a concern that Travis did not seem to be gaining weight as quickly as he had been. The cardiologist mentioned that is to be expected as we get closer to his next surgery. His heart is working harder and therefore burning more of the calories he is eating. He mentioned that we might want to try solids a few weeks early to see if that might help. Travis loves eating his cereal....we will try vegetables over the next week or so. Before yesterday's bath we were happy to see that Travis has gained enough to cross over the 13lb mark! Grow baby, grow!!

2. Travis had a couple of bad nights of sleep this week. He is a bit stuffy in his nose and we think it is keeping him up. We have been taking lots of naps to catch up on our sleep and Roger caught Travis snuggled up with my arm in this picture. Too cute! He must be a side sleeper like daddy!
3. There are two depressed boys and one happy girl in my household now that March Madness is over.

4. Travis' hair is getting quite long and OOC (out of control). We tried to give him a little trim in the bangs and around his ears but he got quite cranky and we couldn't finish. We do the best we can trying to make him presentable. Daddy tried this 'do on him tonight for church. HAHAHA!!
Kind of looks like Bob from Bob's Big Boy!
5. We took advantage of the Stuff-a-bag sale at Babies R Us today and we scored some awesome outfits for Travis. Everything was 24-50% off plus an additional 25% with the coupon. We bought Travis a bunch of clothes in sizes 9-12months so we are ready for his growth spurts! Check out our loot!

6. Tomorrow is Roger's last day of Spring Break. We have had such a great week+ off with him!!! It is so nice to just spend quality time together with no agendas and no rushing around. Now, it is the home stretch until Summer Break!

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