Thursday, April 22, 2010

Surgery has been moved up!!

Travis' surgery has been rescheduled for May 3rd.....that is 11 days away. We are freaking out!!!!! I have been in tears all day. I am thankful they are moving it up but so scared now that it is right around the corner.

BLOOD DONATION UPDATE: If you are O+ or O- and interested in donating blood you must call 1-877-659-2001 and schedule your appointment for any day BEFORE this TUESDAY (4/27)!!!!! Please let me know when you've scheduled your appointment. You'll need Travis' name and birthday, Travis DiCarlo 10/23/09


  1. Nicole & Roger, If you need anything at all let me know. Put prayer and blood donation requests out for sweet Baby Travis.

  2. I donated today! :-) The Gerardi Family is praying for baby Travis!