Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"What's Up?" Wednesday

Here are a few new pictures of our little miracle guy. He is just getting more and more cute every day! He is now able to sit in his stroller without the infant seat part. He is sooo curious these days!! I had to run to the grocery store today and he was so cute. He was just sitting looking at everything and taking it all in. I however, was almost running through the store so no one tried to touch him or sneeze on him :)

Travis is getting super strong. He is really close to sitting up. He is starting to pay attention to his feet. It won't be long until he is tripoding.

This is Travis when he is tired...he rubs his eyes to let us know that play time is over.

Bath time is always fun. The frog towel is made to keep him warm. He is *almost* to big for his infant tub. He kicks his feet and the water splashes the mirror in the bathroom. Mommy just loves that ;)

Happy boy!
Kind of looks like we are early for St. Patrick's Day. Haha!
There are no appropriate words for this picture. Too funny!
Guess what...I can roll!! On Sunday morning I decided to follow my big head and roll from my tummy to my back! I did it four times that day :0) I still can't roll from back to front though.

Travis is getting much better at tummy time. We can usually get five to ten minutes of T.T. before he starts screaming.
Look how strong his neck is getting!
So cute. Play time on the carpet with Momma.
My new favorite toy, Momma's fingers. Nom, nom, nom.
I couldn't help but put a shot in here on Travis' crazy hair. He has this natural little mohawk curl. He gets compliments all the time :)
What are YOU looking at?
Modeling his L.L. Cool J hat from his Auntie Debbie.


Tummy Time for a little bit and then Travis needs a break

Travis started to get upset when Vinny licked his toes.


  1. My gosh...he is doing so well! I am so happy for all of you. Isn't it amazing to see them and know what they have been through? It amazes me every day how strong our little ones are...I don't know how well I would do if I went through half of what they did!

    You all remain in my thoughts and prayers...especially as you journey toward the Glenn.

  2. Yeah Travis!!!
    Always cuter and cuter.