Friday, March 12, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. I had to share this cute photo I caught of Travis during his tummy time. I put one of the books we read together in front of him and he was actually trying to turn the pages. Super cute! look at his expression....he is really trying to understand it. We are going to have a good little reader on our hands!
2. My mom has finally decided to take the plunge! She is going to retire at the end of July. I am super happy for her, her job was way to stressful. The best part is that she will be watching Travis from our house when I return to work in August. It is wonderful to know that he will be with someone who knows him and his special needs. It will make the transition back to work a lot easier on me.

3. I was so excited when I got the mail today....Roger and I bought year passes to the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park. I am looking forward to taking Travis all the time after his next surgery. Until then, we will have to go during the week and try to stay out of crowded spaces. Travis still needs to stay germ free until his next surgery!!

4. At our cardiology appointment on Monday we spoke to the doctor about Travis' heart alarm and how it goes off all.the.time! He mentioned that the settings we went home with in December should be lowered as babies have lower resting heart rates as they get older. Since we changed the settings, we have had several good nights sleep. Yay! Sleep really does wonders for you :) And, speaking of sleeping...we have been tossing around the idea of moving Travis to his own room in his own crib. Our thought is that we could face the video monitor to the heart machine so we could see what is going on if it beeps at night. We are planning to do a test run tomorrow night. I am a little scared and a whole lot sad but I know this is best as we don't want Travis sleeping between us when he is a teenager :) Let's hope it goes well!

5. We bought Travis one of those door frame jumperoos. He is super small in it so we have to put cloth diapers under his bum and all around to hold him in there. He seems to like it. He loves the toys and he has learned how to make the lights and sounds come on. He has yet to figure out how to jump but mommy helps him by bouncing him up and down. We'll have to get a picture on him in his jumperoo and post it soon.

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  1. Came across your site while searching for other families who had infants dealing with heart conditions. Thanks so much for your blog it's really inspired me to keep faith and lean on my family.