Friday, February 12, 2010

Our First "Just for Fun" Trip to San Diego

Nicole and I had a few errands to run in downtown San Diego, so we decided that we would make a full day of it and visit Seaport Village. We had a lot of fun and did a little shopping. Travis was very alert the whole time, just checking things out. It is still scary to take him out places, but we are very cautious of the surroundings and stay away from large groups of people. It is hard to keep people away from Travis, because all we want to do is share him and his joy. We know that for his safety we we keep him covered up in his stroller when in a high traffic area. Here are some pics of our day out:
Mommy and Travis at Seaport Village in San Diego
Daddy and Travis relaxing.
DiCarlo Family at Seaport Village
Family portrait by the sea.
Mommy and Travis playing in the tree.
Daddy and Travis spending some quality time while mommy tries on dresses for Jen's wedding.
Travis is definitely a tough guy.

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  1. omg we defenetly have the same taste to buy baby stuff hahahaha xD I bougth the 9 months suit and its small for my kid :P ahahah but defenetly kids are tough guys