Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day!

Roger has a four day weekend this weekend so we have been taking full advantage of our family time together. Today's adventure was to find snow! We received a cool snow suit hand me down that is 0-3 month size so we figured we better get some use of it. I was convinced there would be snow in Julian since it has been raining so much here the past month or so. I was wrong :( The only snow left in Julian is dirty remnants of what used to be...sniff, sniff. So, we bypassed Julian altogether (it was CRAZY busy) and headed up the mountain to Mt Laguna. We found snow there, lots of it! Travis didn't really mind the snow... but he'd be happy looking at his hands all I don't usually trust his entertainment judgement calls. Roger and I, however, had a lot of fun taking pictures of our little man in his snow suit. He is so photogenic! Turns out we were really ill-prepared for the snow (we wore tennis shoes and didn't even bring a sled) so we didn't hang out too long. On the way down the hill we decided to go visit auntie Tina and auntie Deb. Travis loves his aunties! It was a really fun day and the best part is...we still have two more days to the weekend! Hooray for four day weekends! Here are some pics of our little snow trip:
Seriously, I LOVE that face! I could nom on those cheeks all day!
A little unsure of the tree stump he was propped up on. Hard to move too much in a big 'ol snowsuit!
Daddy and his boy chilling in the snow. It wasn't very cold out (notice Roger's short sleeves). It was about 54 degrees and sunny.
Mommy and Mr. Man. He is so snuggly! I have so much fun with him!
He wasn't so sure he liked this cold wet stuff.

More Pictures of our snow day.


  1. He is super cute and growing so big.

  2. my son has that bear suit too :) ( but is tooooo small now hahaha)

  3. I agree Travis is very photogenic and soooo adorable!

    Lisa S.