Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Moving On

It is hard to find the time to update this blog lately as we seem to always have something urgent we need to handle. The week days fly by and the weekends seem way to short!

This past weekend was fun. My good friend Jen is getting married and has asked me to be a bridesmaid. I had the honor of going dress shopping with her! Fun! She will look amazing on her big day. While we were out I received a call from the vet (the dogs had been dropped off for a teeth cleaning). The vet wanted to discuss some issues with the dogs blood cultures. Both dogs had high levels of protein in there blood and Vinny had high calcium. She threw out the tumor word but mentioned that their levels were not TOO worrisome and may be cause by the ear meds we've been giving Zee (and Vinny licks it out of his ears). We are going to have them rechecked in a few weeks and I pray their levels look better. They BOTH can't have cancer, right? I'm sure it's something they got into and ate.

Sunday, we had to make a run to BabiesRUs this past weekend because our little man is growing out of his pj's. He has to have button up PJ's so the wire from his heart machine can come out the leg. We ended up getting him a bunch of PJs and a swim suit as his cardiologist gave him a green light for swimming (as soon as the weather warms up).

Yesterday was kind of a sad day for me...was the day I had originally planned to go back to work. It's just really crazy how so much has changed in such a short amount of time. It's days like that that make me feel overwhelmed at what has been dished out for us. I couldn't be happier to have Travis but there is always a piece of me that longs for more normalcy.

Travis is doing well! We took him to get professional photos done yesterday and he was such a trooper! The photographer got some really nice shots. Hopefully, we can post them soon! I have been doing far too much online shopping and we have a few new fun toys for him. A friend recommended the Kickin' Coaster and he LOVES it! It's a fun toy to build leg strength too. I'll post a picture.

Travis gets to spend some time with Nana this week. She is coming to watch him tonight while Roger and I got to our weekly home fellowship meeting. Then, Nana will visit again on Saturday night while Roger and I got to see Joel McHale (from The Soup) perform at Pechanga. Should be really fun!

Can't think of anything else to add......tata for now.

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