Sunday, August 16, 2009

Walking Blind in Faith

I've NEVER been good at walking blind in faith. My mind is too analytical to accept faith on most days. When it comes to religion, I try hard to believe. It's hard for me to accept things that I have not seen with my eyes, held in my hands, or experienced first hand. So, it's difficult believing when things get tough. I have always admired those that are full of faith. They seem so at peace...putting everything on God's shoulders. What I wouldn't give for that ability these days! I'm working on developing my faith and today's message at church hit home...

God's plan was likened to a game of chess. Average players see one to two moves ahead when playing chess. Genius players see the game (8 plays) in advance. The pastor said that God is the genius player...even though it might not feel like it, God has a plan and he is looking ahead at the future. We are the average players...we just have to take things step by step and have faith in God's plan. Often, in chess, players have to give up a move to get the win. The same with God's plan...sometimes we have to sacrifice.

Tomorrow is our appointment with the specialist team. I am trying to have faith that baby T will be fine. It's difficult but we're playing our chess move at a time.

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