Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is hard to share but we want everyone to know. Unfortunately we got the bad news that we had been praying against. We went on a week and a half ago for the Fetal EKG. The doctors took a long look at his heart and then shared the bad news. Travis has what is called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome with a common atrium. His Left Ventricle never fully developed properly and will not be able to function without intervention. Additionally, his atriums are not separate into two is one by itself. This syndrome happens spontaneously in 1 out of ever 10,000 births. Years ago, it was a death sentence. Fortunately, there is now a well defined surgical approach to his is a series of three complex open heart surgeries spread out over the first year of his life. The first surgery would need to be immediately performed after birth. The surgeries (in essence) will jerry rig his two chamber heart to function as a regular four chamber heart. Since these procedures (called Norwood/Fontan) have only been around for 20 years or so they only know the possible life expectancy of 20 yrs. However, the 20 yr patient is still doing well. We will not know the severity of Travis' heart until later. They are planning to do a full study on August 18th and then we will need to meet with the surgeons at Children's Hospital in LA to discuss delivery (probably will be via a scheduled c-section) and what will happen afterwards. Travis will likely be in the NICU for the first few months of his life and he will need one on one care for the first year of his life. We have so much to figure out. Our heads and our hearts feel so heavy. As you can imagine we are beyond scared and full of grief.

What is supposed to be the happiest time in our life is now so uncertain. It hurts that God has picked Travis to have to go through all this. We just keep thinking how unfair it all is. We are trying to keep ourselves busy. We know you will all be concerned...and thank you. This is really going to be a trying journey. PLEASE keep Travis in your prayers!!!

Here is some more info on HLHS:

Nicole & Roger

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