Sunday, August 9, 2009

Appointment with Surgeon Team at Children's is set

We have our next appointment set for Aug 17th at 2:30pm. We are nervous and anxious to get our questions answered. Since finding out Travis has HLHS we have met/spoke with several people who have had a child/family member/friend with HLHS. I met one little miracle last night at a friends shower. She is almost 2 and is very vivacious. These stories have been giving us hope to get through this very scary stressful period. I can only pray that Travis has as much luck and strength as these little miracles!!! 70% of the time I am hopeful....30% I am scared to death.

Online stories have also been giving us some strength. We have been finding many pictures and videos of the actual surgery and aftermath (very graphic) online. Although they are ridiculously scary (to think that our baby will be put through this), I think it will help us in the long run be prepared to see our Travis in this condition after surgery.

Our major concerns right now are: financial means, if I can breastfeed, lodging in LA for the 3 month hospital stay (one mom said one parent can stay 24/7 in the room), and if we will have to take extended absences from our jobs (adding to the financial stress). Currently, I plan on being out on my original leave until Feb 1. Travis will need care after his release from the hospital so we need to look into the cost of a nurse/nanny vs. one of us staying home. I get overwhelmed easily by all this so I have been trying to keep myself busy. Roger has been very good at getting info off the internet (I still find it challenging to weed out all the sites). Here are a couple more that we like...

Please continue your prayers....

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  1. I think this is a great way for you both to relay your feelings, struggles, hope and concerns along this journey. Just know that you have many, many friends & family praying for our little Travis. He will be a fighter, just like his Mom & Dad. God Bless you both.