Monday, February 18, 2013

Our lives were forever altered...

(reposted from last year)

It had been a smooth night in recovery. All day the doctors were toying with the idea of extubation. I went out to call my mom for an update. I saw Roger walking out a few minutes later. He said they were extubating. I was mad it happened so quick. We weren't let back in for awhile. I knew something was up. He had a difficult extubation and the nurse told us we needed to be real quiet and keep him calm. He started getting agitated. She told me to hold him and try to calm him down. She gently set him in my arms and his body went stiff. He coded.

She grabbed him from me and told us to go in the hall. People started running. I heard people yelling "DiCarlo's coding". His surgeon came running. Lots of commotion then the social worker ushered us into a nearby conference room. It felt like forever that we were in there....praying, watching the rain on the small window. The social workers called our family. Soon, they were there with us. They put him on ECMO. The nurse and Dr. Lamberti came in with tears. She said they thought they were able to keep good p waves for the entire CPR process (all 2 hours of it)....and that his heart started again. Those were good signs in a situation as horrible as this. They'd keep him on ecmo and let him rest. The next day they would run test to see what effect everything had. We were so hopeful.......

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