Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tornado Travis

I am totally changing Travis' name to Tornado DiCarlo.

Today, I had both kids home and I was alone in caring for them. In the span between 8:30-11:00am he managed the following:

*to empty the entire contents of the kitchen drawer that holds all of our dish towels
*to empty the entire contents of the cupboard that houses our tupperware
*to remove all of the magnets from the refrigerator and scatter them around the floor
*to take the magnetic notepad off of the fridge and rip every sheet off and then rip several sheets into pieces
*to splash water from the dogs dish all over the floor and his pajamas
*to remove every last hair clip/accessory from the drawer in the bathroom and scatter them all over the floor
and finally,
*to purposely let his bottle splash all over our bed (and I just washed the comforter yesterday)

As you can see, life with Travis these days is a whirlwind! I love him so much that it totally makes up for his shenanigans! He is so full of life these days. My favorite recent thing is that when you catch his eye and then smile at him he will return it with the most loving and gorgeous smile I have ever seen!! He is SUCH a momma's boy lately. Since Addie has joined the family, he wants me ALL.THE.TIME. At night, he will not go to sleep with daddy's help. He likes me to lay with him and he literally crawls up onto my belly and lays down on top of me to snuggle. It is the cutest thing! Maybe he sees Addie doing that and that is why he has picked up this new habit. Then, after he falls asleep, I will move him onto the mattress and he will want to sleep with his head on my shoulder and his body snuggled in the space between my arm and side. He will grab my arm an hug me. I love this!

Travis is adjusting well to having Addie around. I think he realizes that she is here to stay. Even though we are all in the same room at night, he is now sleeping better and a couple of times he actually slept through the night, WHOOOHOOO! I hope that continues. Roger and I alternate getting up with Addie. I forgot how LONG the feeding routine of a newborn takes (45 mins-1hr). However, our rocking chair faces the street and I really LOVE rocking her and looking out the window at the Christmas lights. It is such a peaceful time!

We had took Travis to his bi-annual pacemaker clinic yesterday. It went well. The doctors downloaded the info from his pacemaker and reported that he is only using it 2% of the time. I think that is about the same as last time. That is good news. His cardiologist examined him and noted that everything looked really good. On of the cardiologist from Children's was also there (the same one that was on duty when he had the horrible reaction to the cath last month). Anyway, he was pleased to see how well he looked. He also made some jokes about me going into labor that day. I told him it was his fault. :) Anyway, the next step for Travis is an echo on January 4th. Then, he will have another heart cath mid-February. During that cath they will try to open up his aorta. Dr. Levy (his cardiologist) is trying to get together with Dr. Lamberti (his surgeon) to make a tentative "plan" for his next surgery. Hopefully, they will be in touch soon.


  1. What a great post! Trav is hilarious!!! SO glad to hear the pacemaker appt went well. Only 2% of the time? That's AMAZING! Bodie was over 90% at his last appt!

  2. Haha sounds like you have your hands full with that little man! This is definitely one of the reasons why that God makes babies and kids so cute - so we can see the humor in their mischief.

  3. Such a fun time for Travis exploring his world and being a big brother. He did the bottle trick for Grandma and Grandpa. He was rather quick about it, too. I plan to shampoo our living room rug Monday. I will not mind one bit, if fact I may even be smiling. Good report from the clinic, let us prayer for the same at the echo.