Monday, December 6, 2010

Adjustments in Progress

My, it really is hard to find time to post these days with a new little muffin in the house. The newest member of Team Travis is fairly easy to handle to date. The tough part has been trying to juggle Travis lately. He is such a little toddler now. He is into EVERYTHING! He loves to throw things and is quite destructive. We are trying to teach him to be "gentle" with his new baby sister. He is very good at giving her kisses but then he wants to touch her. Instead of touching nicely the little guy palms/claws her face. Poor little girl is getting beat up daily. Oh, we will have some therapy bills in our future. Another tough thing has been the sleeping arrangements. Yes, Travis STILL sleeps with us. We just can't figure out how to get him into his own room in a non-traumatic fashion. Anyway, because of this Addison and I (Nicole) slept downstairs for the first week or so to see how she slept. We finally moved upstairs and she sleeps in the bassinet right next to us and Travis is in between us. It is quite cozy but the rough part is that when either is hungry their cries wake the other who then wants to eat. Travis has never slept through the night so nighttime wakings isn't new to us but his waking frequency has definitely increased since Addie's arrival. She, on the other hand, seems to be a pretty good sleeper and I am hopeful she will sleep through the night sometime before she is 20. ;)

Travis also had a rough week or so around Thanksgiving. He is SUPEr cranky and we couldn't figure out why since everything seemed ok.....normal SATs, eating well, etc. Turns out he was getting a tooth and a cold. That, combined with some jealousy of Addie, made for a real rough couple of weeks. Currently, he is still fighting off his cold. His spirits are high and besides a super runny nose you couldn't tell he was feeling bad.

It is definitely hard adjusting to having two babies in the house. When you have one baby you can get a little "break" by handing them of to your spouse. With two babies this isn't often possible as generally they both need something at the same time. I have only spent a little bit of time alone with both of them and I still need to learn to juggle their needs. It is still a little surreal that we have two. Honestly, our life feels like a crazy dream some days :)

Travis is really enjoying all the holiday decorations. He loves to look at the lights around the neighborhood and he really enjoyed the little parade we went to this past weekend. We are looking forward to taking him to the Del Mar Racetracks Light Parade. I am sure he will love it. We are also so looking forward to this holiday season. Last year was a blur as we had just been released from the hospital and we were so full of fear with our new medically fragile newborn. This year we have so much to be thankful for. Although life can often seem so daunting, I want to make sure that we never forget the wonderful blessing that we have in Travis (and Addison too). Travis is a miracle and never ceases to amaze us! I thank God for this holiday season with him and we continue to pray for many more!

We are still waiting to hear on the exact timing of the next cath procedure. We will let everyone know when we get the news. Until then his cardiologist is monitoring him closely.

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  1. I can't even imagine how hard and how wonderful life is at your house. Mine are all older (well 5 and 2) and pretty independent when we brought Hope home. Having a newborn after Hope would have been overwhelming to me and you are doing so great! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.