Friday, November 12, 2010

Travis is in the cath lab now

They said it should be 3-4 hours. Roger and I are on pins and needles waiting to hear what is going on with his little pulmonary branches. We had to sign forms saying that they could balloon or stent if need be. God, please let the narrowing be minimal and let them be able to stent it open in the cath lab!!!

The hard part about the cath lab is you walk him in and wait with him as they put a mask on with the sleeping meds. Poor guy was crying so hard! I just kept rubbing his sweet little head until he fell asleep.

I love the little guy so much! Pray for him!!

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  1. I hated taking Hope to the cath lab. It was so sad watching her go under last time. I am praying they will be able to balloon or stent the artery. Hope had hers ballooned and so far it is working out great. They may need to stent it in the future, but for now the ballooning seemed to work. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers.