Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

So baby girl must have been jealous of all the attention Travis has been getting so she decided to break my bag of waters and arrive tonight!

We were just getting ready to go and I stood up to get Travis and felt a leak. It wasn't much so I honestly thought I wet my pants. I wasn't even going to go get checked out. Roger dropped me at the hospital and took Trav home. My friend Jen came over" just in case". Anyway, they tested the fuid and sure was baby time. A lot of our family is sick and can not be around Trav so we had no choice but to have my mom stay with Trav. I wanted her here but was happy to have good care for Trav. Csection was at 9. Addison was born at 942. She is small like her brother....she weighed 6lbs 10oz and is20 inches long. She looks like Travis. Our cardiologist just happened to be on duty tonight so he was in the room to do the check and apgar scores. She score a 10. Shortly after he did an echo and her heart looks healthy. Praise God!

All day yesterday the docs and! Nurses were joking and worrying about me going into labor with the stress and I was egging them on. Lol. I had to call Nurse Megan and let her know that her prediction was right! We seriouslu couldn't write this stuff up....our life is crazy. God is hilarious!

We are exhausted but happy. I feel great post surgery just real hot and itchy. Can't wait to see my family and Travis tomorrow. It is going to be amazing to watch him interact with her. We are blessed!
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  1. omg guys first of all happy bday Travis :D!!, then congrats for your baby girl <3 thank god she is healthy and strong
    I will send you some pictures of Griver's 1st bday party :P