Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well, this week sucked!

We were just released from the hospital today. Travis has a bad infection. Here's the story...

Saturday Travis and daddy were supposed to head to the Wild Animal Park with some friends. Travis was super fussy all morning and did not want to eat. He felt warm so I took his temperature and he had a fever of 101. We made an appointment with urgent care. The on call doctor asked us some questions and checked his ears. He said Travis had a mild ear infection in his right ear. He prescribed some antibiotics and sent us home. On Sunday, the fourth of July, we had an action packed day and Travis seemed to be feeling really fever and pretty good temperament. However, the next morning he woke up super fussy and remained that way throughout the day. On Monday, we noticed his scrotum was red and enlarged. I e-mailed the doc and was awaiting a response. Meanwhile, that night we were super worried because his pulse rate was high and not returning to its baseline. His fever had increased to 102. We took him to Palomar hospital's ER. They saw him right away and did a chest x-ray, blood work, and a urine culture. After a few hours they transferred us by ambulance to Children's. The next morning they did an ultrasound on his scrotum and a few other little test. The docs at Children's did NOT see an ear infection. They determined he had epididymitis, an infection caused by manipulation of the area. What that means is.....Travis caught an infection during on of his numerous times he has had to have a catheter inserted for procedures/surgery. It is pretty uncommon for a baby to get this infection. Oy! Our luck sucks!! Anyway, they prescribed a different antibiotic and sent us home that same day. Wednesday, Travis was a mess!! He was inconsolable, pulse rate still high, he hadn't eaten or drank anything for quite awhile and he had diarrhea. So, back to the ER we went. This time we took him to Kaiser Zion since it was closer to his regular doctors. They admitted him yesterday and got an IV in him for fluids and stronger antibiotics. They were pretty confidant that his heart was NOT an issue. They repeated the ultrasound of his scrotum and confirmed the diagnosis. They also did a heart echo to be sure. After 12 hours of fluids and antibiotics Travis started to perk up. He looks and is acting sooo much better! They ended up releasing us today. The infection and swelling will take awhile to go away so he is still uncomfortable. To make matters worse, the diarrhea gave him a bad diaper rash. Our poor little guy!! Anyway, we will go back to see the urologist in a week or so to see how it is coming along. What a crazy week it has been. Thank you all for your prayers!!! Hopefully, we will not see another E.R. anytime soon!!!

A few other things to note.....
*Travis started to walk when holding on to our hands last week. It is the cutest thing. He gets so excited and his feet hop around like he is dancing!

*Travis started swim lesson last week (we have to take a break until this infection goes away) and he LOVED it! It is pretty much just a "get used to the water" kind of thing....but it is fun family time.

*He is talking and babbling more and more.....he says BAAABAAABAAA and we thought we hear "Uh-oh" and "up"


  1. Poor little guy. I hope he is feeling better now and no more ER visits. I am so happy to read he is walking...what fun!

  2. I am so glad Travis feeling better!!! The little trooper, I couldn't even tell he didn't feel good on the 4th!!! He was amazing during that whole baseball game and firework show!

  3. Sorry you had to go through all this. I'm really glad it's all sorted out!

    Walking, swimming, talking?? Awesome!!!


  4. Thanks for the update & we are so happy to hear things are perking up (no pun in tended). Travis is a very happy sole and we are thrilled to hear things are going much better. Prayers and hugs to you all..xoxoxo Cristy