Monday, July 5, 2010

A busy week for Travis

Travis had a busy week playing, swimming, shopping, and watching his first baseball game followed by fireworks. He also has his first ear infection which has turned our normal happy baby into a fussy one. He still manages to smile a lot and have a good time. He really is a good boy and we are blessed to have him.
Travis playing with his toys on the couch like a big boy.
Travis started swim lessons this week. One of the activities was to retrieve the plastic balls and bring them back to the instructor. As you can see in the picture he is focused on the ball.
Nicole was helping Travis with his first day of swim school.
Travis sporting daddy's hat.
Travis waiting patiently for breakfast.
Travis with is trademark smile.
We took Travis to his first baseball game on July 4th.
Having some fun with Daddy at the game.
Travis was much more interested in people watching than watching the game.
This is Travis looking at the Ice Cream man. I WANT ICE CREAM!!!
Daddy bought Travis his first bat. He thought it was a big pacifier.
Travis got a little bored during the game. But he stayed up for the entire 2 and a half hour game and fell asleep right when the fireworks started.
Travis got to go to Pet Smart and see the fishes. He was mesmerized by the fish, birds, and all the reptiles in the store.
Travis comfortable in Mommy's arm.


  1. He is just so darn cute. I am so glad you had such a great holiday!

  2. that bored picture killed me XD !!! he is the cutest lil boy ever