Thursday, January 14, 2010

First ER Trip

When we got home yesterday after Travis' heart cath we noticed he was extra fussy. We figured he was in some discomfort from the procedure...however, through the night he didn't get any less fussy. He was not interested in eating and seemed to have a sore throat. When we went up to bed we hooked him up to his oxygen saturation monitor and his sat's where lower than normal (they were reading LOW 70's and he is usually 79-83). We also noticed it seemed like his feet were swollen. We called the cardiologist at Children's and they told us to come in. They checked us into the hospital last night and did an ECCO on Travis' heart. They also ran some X-ray's and checked him over. His sat's were kind of wacky there too. THe respiratory therapist put some oxygen on blow-by (just set it next to him) and suctioned his nose. These two things seemed to help and his sat's stabilized in the high 70's. The doctor said his x-ray and ECCO looked perfect and his pulses were really good. No real explanation for the fussiness or the sore throat except a normal after effect from the heart cath. When we went home from the heart cath the nurse didn't really mention that any of these results were "normal". The doctor explained that she had come by looking for us yesterday and we had already been discharged. The cardiac surgeon also had come by looking for us but the nurse had already let us go. Maybe we were let go a little too soon with not enough post-procedure instructions. We felt like it may have been an unnecessary trip but as we kept saying "Better safe then sorry".

During the night, Travis did fine. His sat's stayed good and he seemed a little less fussy. Gave him some tylenol for his sore throat and that helped him to sleep. The doctor said they wanted to just keep him until the morning to make sure all was well. Finally, at noon today we were released. Travis still has a sore throat, a hoarse sounding cry, a lower appetite and he is still kind of fussy but we are PRAYING that these go away soon (tomorrow maybe?) and we can write it off as a side effects of the respiratory tube placed in him during his cath. PLEASE PRAY THAT THESE SYMPTOMS GO AWAY!

Since Roger and I got about 6 hours sleep in two nights, my mom met us at the house this afternoon and watched the baby for four hours so we could sleep. He is going through a little mommy-dependency phase and was fussy for his Nana. He is fine now.....sleeping on daddy. What a rough couple of days. I am still super nervous about his symptoms and Ii just PRAY that things will seem better tomorrow. I still worry he has the flu or cold or something although his chest x-rays look good and they ruled out thrush too. We will probably call it an early night. I will try to update tomorrow.


  1. What a stressful couple of days this has been for your family. I am thinking of you all and am happy to help out whenever you need me to....just call or text! xoxox Meghann

  2. Well, I hadn't seen you at work since Monday, Nicole, and I thought I would check in to see how you're doing. Now I see that a whole lot more is going on. If there is anything we can do, you know take care of the dogs, wait for an air-conditioning tech... Anything. Let us know. You're in our prayers.

    Alex and Jennifer