Thursday, September 26, 2019

Team Travis Dinner - Giving back


Gift cards/cash: will be used at Costco to purchase food for the annual dinner. All denominations are appreciated.

Books: Books just need to be in my hands by 10/22/19 so that I can bring them to Rady's the following day.

We are collecting NEW books in memory of Travis on his 10th birthday (10/23/19). The books will be given to the guests at the Ronald McDonald House the evening of his annual birthday dinner. Additional books will either be donated to the house for give aways OR dropped off on the CICU/PICU floors.

Please ask around and repost this on your walls. Books and gift cards can be sent directly to our house (listed above). Or, contact Roger or myself to arrange a drop off.  E-mail is

****PLEASE NOTE: We are collecting NEW books only. The books are going into the rooms and families of fragile patients, so we have to have things germ free. Thanks!! *******

Thank you in advance!!!!!

If you would like to make a financial donation, you can do it via paypal link.  All money will go towards purchasing food and supplies for Dinner.

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