Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflection - Lessons from Travis

As everybody is thinking of the ten year anniversary of 9/11. I am unable to get past the past year. I miss my boy a ton and he is still the first thought on my mind in the morning and the last at night. We have decided to let Addison play with Travis' favorite toy. I was able to capture video of her using it today and it reminded me of a video that I never posted. I put this together today in honor of my boy.


  1. I am so sorry. I can not imagine your pain. Really, my heart just breaks for you and with you.

  2. You've got two amazing little ones. Trav will be with his little sister, always.

  3. Coach - great video, you have been blessed with two amazing kids. Travis is a source of strength as you know he is watching over you, Nicole, and Addie. He has taught me some valuable lessons...always smile, even when it hurts. Live life happy cuz it's too short to be sad.