Saturday, June 11, 2011

Re-Posting Travis Tribute Video

Celebration of Life - Travis Tribute

I was able to upload the video that was played at the Celebration of Life for Travis. I wanted to let everyone watch it who did not have the opportunity to attend.

Click Below


  1. Precious beautiful boy, WHY!!! I hope I will understand this one day! I think of him all the time and I never even met him, he had a beautiful life and such wonderful loving parents WHY must they go on without him? My heart breaks for them and I just have no more words except he was so perfect and I pray hard for your family that jesus holds you and your boy in his arms until you are together again and have your answers!

  2. Mommy please dont be sad,Im ok, I was just sick beyond what anyone here on earth could know. Im not far away I see you I feel your pain I hear you cry , that kinda makes me feel good knowing how much I am missed. I will always remember how you loved me and cared for me. We will meet again, Love Travis.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your little boy. I am a fellow heart mom as well and came across your blog through another heart mom's blog. I hope and pray nothing but peace and strength. I hope your family is doing well. Ashley (