Saturday, September 11, 2010

Babies are Expensive--By the Way We Are Expecting Another

As most of you probably already know, we are expecting our second child at the end of November. Travis and baby #2 will be 13 months apart. Yowza, we are in for a wild ride! Remember my fertility issue I had with Travis? Well, they are apparently gone now as we needed no help for #2. Baby #2 is a girl and so far everything looks good with her heart. Our cardiologist, Dr. Levy, has done a heart echo and will do one more coming up soon. I am feeling her move around a lot now and I swear it feels as if I have been pregnant for three years! Travis is going to have so much fun with his little (but probably bigger than him) sister :)

Anyway, to the point of this post....we have been gearing up for baby girl's arrival and we have started to buy furniture, girl clothes, double strollers and other necessities. Travis is also getting bigger and now needs a convertible car seat and bigger clothes, etc. We went on a wild shopping spree today and spend a ton of money on things for both the babies. Babies need a lot of gear!!!! Yeesh....we are never going to have extra cash again! I have also been spending some $$ on preparation for Travis' birthday party. I can't believe it has almost already been a year. He will be 11 months in 1.5 weeks. Of course, we have picked the perfect theme for his party, his favorite, Yo Gabba Gabba!! has the cutest Yo Gabba Gabba party supplies around. I love them!

In other news, a few of our heart friends are in need of prayer this coming week, the Hale's and the Bennett's are both sending their boys in for surgery on Monday at CHLA. Please pray that their surgeon (same surgeon, Dr. Starnes) is able to complete the procedure with no issues and that their recoveries will be smooth. We can't wait for these guys to be released from the hospital because we want to head over the hill and meet them in person!!


  1. Oh thank you SO MUCH for the added prayer! I can't wait for Bodie and Townes to be past the surgeries so we can all have a playdate!!!

  2. Congratulations on your baby girl!!! I'm sure Travis will be a fantastic big brother :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! My second and Hope are also close...15 months. It is hard work, but also wonderful. They will be so close to each other and having an older brother will be the best for baby girl! I am so happy she is heart healthy. Wonderful news!

  4. Hi guys , congratulations for your baby girl :D !
    how exiting news ! I didn't know that Travis is going to have so much fun
    I'm also planing Griver's 1st bday party is going to be a monster bash :P haha